2 Cannons - 坎农出品

We are SEAN PATRICK CANNON and ASHLEY PU CANNON. In 2009, our first feature AMERICAN HIGH SCHOOL was released, through Lionsgate. In 2011-2012, Sean oversaw post producing & editing for INTERNET ICON, a youTUBE series with millions of views. In 2018, we collaborated with Solomon Films for GIRL GAMES. 2020 saw our first investment alongside all production & post, with THE 3RD GUEST, released in 2023, through Indican Pictures. In 2021, we furthered our craft with THE SIXTH FLOOR, a script we wrote, produced, & directed. Currently in 2023, we are shooting shorts & finding additional investment & production, to shoot more features in 2024 and beyond. We are committed to the investment & production of story-driven, actor-focused feature films, both in the United States, & China. Sean currently Produces & Edits for Netflix, while Ashley works as Director of Operations at Yun Express.